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  • Invisatread

    InvisaTread® Slip Resistant Solution


    The InvisaTread® anti-slip family of products helps to protect against the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, at work and at play.  InvisaTread® has been formulated to increase the slip resistance of most tile, stone and mineral surfaces.  Slip resistant tile has never been so easy, safe or effective.

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  • InvisaTread Outdoor

    InvisaTread® Outdoors – Slip Resistant Solution


    InvisaTread® is a safe and effective process that makes hard surfaces less slippery when wet. Ideal for use on stone, tile, mineral surface, porcelain, ceramic, quarry, honed stone, slate and more… *not recommended for polished marble.

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  • InvisaTread & Traction Wash™ KIT – 2 Quarts


    The InvisaTread®/TractionWash™ Quart Kit is a slip resistance management system designed to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, work and play

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  • Traction Wash Tile and Grout Cleaner

    TractionWash™ – 1 Gallon


    Traction Wash™  is the ultimate green cleaning solution for tile and grout.  Perfect for use in your kitchen, bathroom or locker room and on most hard surfaces, including tile and stone.  It is completely safe for use on: Plastics, Metals, Decals, Painted and Non Painted Surfaces, wood, rubber and hard mineral surfaces. Non-Corrosive and Non-Flammable.

    Product available to ship in cases.

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  • Off the Hook Citrus Stripper

    Off The Hook, Degreaser / Stripper – 1 Gallon


    Off The Hook™ is a concentrated heavy duty, low foaming cleaner degreaser. It is effective on all types and degrees of soil and makes a highly effective stripper.

    Off The Hook™ can be used to clean the most difficult areas as well as the most delicate.

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  • Stone Walled Sealer

    Stonewalled™ Concrete, Stone & Grout Sealer


    A next generation, nano-technology, impregnating sealer for porous mineral surfaces. Covers up to 225 SF/Gallon.


    StoneWalled™ gives surfaces non-stick properties, inhibiting the chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants, chewing gum and other sticky materials.

    • 1 and done – 1 coat application and no residue to remove
    • Gum does not bond to the surface; apply to sidewalks and walkways for easier gum removal, with no shadows
    • Environmentally friendly, water based, zero VOCs
    • Natural stone appearance – no change in look or feel of surface
    • Professional quality
    • Protects: stone, travertine, concrete, masonry, marble, limestone, granite, brick, pavers and grout, every mineral based surface that darkens when wet needs Stonewalled
    • Indoor and outdoor use
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  • ProTec SG™ Concrete Sealant, 1 Gal.


    ProtecSG ™  is a slip resistant and stain resistant hybrid micro-polymer sealer, designed to enhance polished natural surfaces.

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