InvisaTread & Traction Wash™ KIT – 2 Quarts


The InvisaTread®/TractionWash™ Quart Kit is a slip resistance management system designed to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, work and play


InvisaTread® is not a coating, but rather a safe and effective micro-etching process that works on most hard surfaces:

  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Ceramic
  • Terrazzo
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Quarry Tile

*InvisaTread® is NOT recommended for use on Polished Marble/Travertine/Limestone or other polished natural stone surfaces, unless a honed/matte finish is desired.  InvisaTread® will hone polished stone.

InvisaTread® should maintain increased COF for at least 3 years with proper care and maintenance. For Information on commercial installation services please contact Surface Solutions.[/fusion_tab]

Creates and maintains increased traction on tile and stone surfaces.

  • Ideal for use on porcelain, ceramic, quarry, honed stone, slate and more…
  • Use in bathtubs, showers, entryways, walkways, pool areas, kitchens or anywhere there is a stone, tile or mineral surface that is slippery when wet.
  • Do not use InvisaTread® on polished marble.
  • Dilute TractionWash™ 1:32 for routine cleaning, 1:10 for heavy grime & grout.  DO NOT DILUTE InvisaTread®.
  • InvisaTread® will even deep clean grout joints, leaving behind a clean and restored surface.

The InvisaTread® family of products helps to protect against the risk of slip and fall accidents in your home and commercial spaces. It has been formulated to increase the slip resistance of most surfaces by a revolutionary chemical etching process. InvisaTread® can be used in bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, gyms, spas, outdoor pool areas, walkways, lobbies, and kitchen facilities.

For decades chemical etching products have been used to increase traction but at a terrible risk to both the surface and the applicator. InvisaTread® has changed all of that. Utilizing chemicals often found in women’s facial products, InvisaTread® mildly treats the surface without changing the apparent texture or color.

With the passing of the new ANSI 137.1 DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) Acutest standard for tile, InvisaTread® has been verified with the BOT 3000 on countless surfaces to exceed the .42 DCOF minimum threshold for interior horizontal surfaces.

For those still referencing the old ADA guideline for Static COF (SCOF) or ASTM C1028, InvisaTread® will create coefficient of friction of between .60 – .80 when WET after treatment.

While competing products may claim to offer a higher COF of greater than .90 WET, we have found that these levels make a surface not just difficult to keep clean but can also create a potential trip and fall accident.

Due to the slower reaction time of InvisaTread® an installer can play with the “dwell” time of InvisaTread® on the surface in order to create the desired level of friction while still maintaining the clean ability of the surface. Simply sponge mop or spray on, let stand and RINSE AWAY!


InvisaTread® Detailed Application Instructions

Tools Required:

  • Spreader/Squeegee or Acid Resistant Hudson Sprayer (recommended for larger areas)
  • 2x 5 gallon pails/buckets – clean
  • Sponge Mop or Wet-Dry Vacuum/Extraction Tool (recommended)
  • Deck Brush


Utilize steps 6 – 9 on a small hidden area or extra tile to determine dwell time for desired traction. Longer dwell time equals higher traction. Start with 5 minutes of dwell time and work up to no more than 25 minutes per application. Occasionally, 2 applications are needed to increase COF to desired levels, extract 1st application and repeat steps 6-9.

Application Process

Step 1:

  • In 1st 5 gallon bucket, mix 6oz Traction Wash per gallon of water, a 1:20 dilution. Use a higher concentration (up to 12 oz/gal) if very dirty or greasy.

Step 2:

  • CLEAN. Clean the floor very well with the Traction Wash solution from step 1. Use the deck brush for the grout and tile.

Step 3:

  • Rinse the floor with clean water and dry. Use a wet dry vacuum or extraction tool, if available. It is ok to leave the grout joints wet or damp.

Step 4:

  • Fill Hudson sprayer (or 2nd bucket, if spreading instead of spraying) with 1 gallon of InvisaTread® per 400 sq ft. Do not dilute. Do not mix chemicals.

Step 5:

  • Re-fill 1 st bucket with 10 oz of Traction Wash per 1 gallon of water for every 1,000 Sq ft. Set aside. This will be used to neutralize and rinse the InvisaTread® after dwell time is completed.

Step 6:

  • APPLY. Spray or spread the InvisaTread® onto the area to be treated. Use a liberal amount of product. Coverage should not be more than 500 sq. ft per gallon.

Step 7:

  • DWELL. Allow InvisaTread® to dwell for 5 – 25 min (exact time determined by your pre-application testing, a 2nd application may be desired). Keep surface saturated, do not allow to dry out, puddle or run off.  Add more product if necessary and agitate on the surface with non-absorbent material, microfiber or white pad.

Step 8:

  • RINSE. After dwell time has elapsed pour 1:20 Traction Wash dilution onto the tile and scrub grout joints with brush to break up residue. Extract surface.

Step 9:

***Test traction by wetting the surface with clean water and trying to slide foot. If more traction is desired repeat step 6 – 9 for a 2nd application.***

Step 10:

  • Rinse a 2nd time with clean water and then extract surface. Surface is ready for immediate use.

Clean regularly with Traction Wash™ @ 1:32 dilution, to maintain your enhanced Coefficient Of Friction (COF).


Grout Troubleshooting (if necessary)  After grout has completely dried out you might notice some white residue form in a few spots over the next few days. This is simply a salt residue left over after application, scrub with 1:4 dilution of vinegar to water to remove. This does not occur on every application or every type of grout.


TractionWash™ is a concentrated cleaner/degreaser.  TractionWash™ should be used as the pre-InvisaTread surface prep cleaner and is the recommended on-going Care & Maintenance cleaner.

  • Leaves no soapy residue or streaking.
  • Removes micro-dust, pollen and heavy grime
  • Removes soot, adhesives and other contaminants.
  • Does not contain any dyes, VOC’s, ODS, phosphates, phenols or solvents.
  • Mix at: 1:5 for heavy duty grout and tile cleaning
  • 1:10 for heavy dirt, grease, grime
  • 1:32 for daily cleaning/degreasing
  • Formulated as a “free – rinsing” formula to eliminate slippery residue and streaking.

* Varies by dilution: ~1000 sqft/gallon @ 1:20 dilution

TractionWash™ is Safe for use on:

This highly engineered concentrated solution is perfect for use on

  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Asphalt and much more

Additional Information

  • TractionWash™ removes micro-dust, pollution, heavy grime, soot, adhesives, grease and other contaminants with no soapy residue or streaking.
  • Does not contain any dyes, scents, VOCs, Ozone Depleting Solutions, phosphates, phenols or solvents.
  • TractionWash™ Is low foaming with rapid suds dissipation making it ideally suited for industrial floor scrubbers and power washing applications.
  • TractionWash™ may be diluted with hard, soft, recycled, grey, and storm water for maximized cost savings and reduction of ecological footprint.


Info & Guides

Invisatread – Safety_Data_Sheet

InvisaTread Detailed Application Instructions

InvisaTread_On-Going Maintenance Guide




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