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Slip & Fall Injuries In The Workplace


Slip & Fall Accidents In Healthcare

Slips and Falls are among the most common cause of lost workdays and employee injuries within the healthcare industry. Injuries on the job not only affect workers, but patients and other employees as well. When workers are injured on the job, fewer patients are cared for. Paid time off, medical bill compensation and training are among the many financial headaches that come along with workplace injuries.

Let’s face it though, nobody wants to see an ambulance show up at their place of business or worse yet, get a phone call from their attorney.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that for every 10,000 employees, there was anaverage of 38.2 slip and fall incidences (significantly higher than other industry averages!).  Additionally, over 22% of slip and fall accidents resulted in more than 31 lost work days.

In order to remain in “good standing” both financially and physically, good friction is needed between a shoe and the floor one works on. Applying the InvisaTread® family of products could help solve this problem.

Increasing the slip resistance of surfaces is only half the battle.  Improper care and maintenance is often the reason for a fall.  Cleaning surfaces with Traction Wash™, a cleaner degreaser formulated to work on any surface (including concrete, tile, stone, wood, metal – or even grout!), is the perfect solution for any floor cleaning situation. Applying TractionWash helps eliminate any dirt or grease from your floors while leaving no residue behind.

Traction Wash™ and InvisaTread® slip resistant treatment are the perfect combination for increased slip resistance and a safer work environment.

Take Action, Gain Traction.